The four different videos I watched were Hitchcock Loves Bikinis, Camera Angles and TechniquesTop 20 Amazing Cinematic Techniques Part 1, and Examples of Editing Techniques. While I didn’t learn a ton of new things in the videos, I enjoyed learning new names to techniques I’ve seem time and time again in films. I think the most educational video I saw was the Camera Angles and Techniques video. While only two different techniques are covered, they are very well explained and great examples are provided to help the watcher understand the techniques.

I’m rather upset that I didn’t see one of my favorite movie scenes in these videos, though the movie may have come out after these YouTube videos were made. The Kingsman’s Church Massacre Scene (it’s pretty bloody, be warned) Is an amazing scene. The whole thing seems like one log shot, but is really divided up by hidden jump cuts. These could be hidden as a body flies at the screen or as the muzzle flare of a gun blinds the audience. This one scene takes many of the techniques shown in these YouTube videos and combines it into one beautiful masterpiece.

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