While both weeks of this class have been focused on design so far, this week was focused much more on digital design and photo-manipulation than last week. To start off the week I watched two Ted Talks focused around graphic design, one by Paula Scher and one by David Carson. Next, I made a Canva account and completed a few tutorials on the website. After writing a blog post on those assignments, I completed Tuesday’s Daily Create using Microsoft Movie Maker. After that I completed the DesignBlitz (and wrote a blog post about it) and answered the question of the week in my Midweek Summary.

After completed my Midweek Summary I gave myself a break for a day, then jumped straight into the new stuff. First I finished Thurday’s and Saturday’s Daily Creates and posted them onto Slack. After that I opened up Photoshop and didn’t close it for a few days. I first completed the Alternate Book Cover assignment and then quickly (or as fast as a I could) completed the Alternative History assignment right after. I’m pretty happy with how both of those projects turned out, it’s been a while since I’ve used Photoshop. After finishing those I went ahead and did five and a half stars of our Digital Assignments and made a blog post on my progress. Finally, I commented on a few people’s blog post and started writing this one.

I actually noticed that I’ve had the time and date wrong on this site ever since the beginning! I went ahead and fixed it so it might look like I went back in time to make this post!

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