The first half of this week was a lot easier than most weeks before it. To start off with I did both of my daily creates, then read over the How to Read a Movie article. After writing my blog post about the article, I jumped straight in to watching the four YouTube videos we had to watch. The videos were pretty short, but I enjoyed learning the names and techniques behind different camera styles I’d seen in pretty much every movie. I wrote my blog post about those videos and started writing this! Now the only thing left to do is the question of the week!

Question of the Week: What childhood nursery rhyme would you like to write a story about but change the meaning completely?

I would definitely have to choose Ring Around the Rosie. I’ve heard before that Ring Around the Rosie actually holds a hidden message related to the Black Plague, but found this to be untrue after doing a little bit of research. This does not make it any less of a good story however. The story goes that Ring Around the Rosie actually describes the symptoms for the Black Plague and the burning of the bodies of the victims. The line “pocket full of posies” is supposed to represent the flowers that people would carry with them in order to fend off the smell of death and rotting corpses and the line “ashes, ashes, we all fall down” is supposed to represent the burning of the dead into ashes before everyone falls down dead.

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