While last week was focused on photography and the stories they tell, this week seems to be focused much more on the design aspect of digital storytelling. The first thing I did was watch two Ted Talks, one by Paula Scher and one by David Carson. Next I made an account on Canva and did seven different design tutorials. They were pretty short but I had a whole lot of fun making some designs of my own (I might not of followed the exact design on all of the tutorials). I then wrote my first blog post of the week about the two Ted Talks and the Canva tutorials.

I then completed Tuesday’s Daily Create and posted my response on Twitter. First I downloaded the Lion King and the music from YouTube using an online converter. Then I put the Lion King clip into Movie Maker, a free software for Windows, and trimmed it down to the length I wanted. Next I put music over the specific part of the clip I wanted it at and muted all other sound for that part. I’m pretty happy with the end result.

Next, I jumped straight into the DesignBlitz we were assigned. I wasn’t sure if it had a time limit like the PhotoBlitz did, but I gave myself one anyway. I managed to come up with four different pictures representing five different principals of design; Alignment, Hierarchy, Color, Contrast, and Repetition. After finished the DesignBlitz I completed today’s Daily Create and put my response on Twitter. Now I just need to write the question of the week (down below) and post this blog post!


Question of the Week: What if the Cuban Missile Crisis escalated into a full-scale war?

The Cuban Missile Crisis was a 13 day standoff between the United States and the Soviet Union in 1962 during the Cold War. The crisis started after America discovered Soviet Nuclear missiles located in Cuba, only 90 miles from American soil. Kennedy enacted a blockade around Cuba and demanded that the Soviet Union remove the missiles. The conflict escalated when Soviet ships began to approach the blockade, but they eventually stopped before reaching it. Eventually a compromise was reached and the missiles were removed.

If the Soviet ships didn’t stop before reaching the American blockade, it is very likely that the conflict would have escalated into all out war. As both sides were centered around nuclear weapons, it would not be surprising if nuclear strikes were ordered on both countries. Due to the sheer amount of nukes that were around at that time, I would not be supervised if both the United States and the Soviet Union were turned completely into nuclear wastelands. The fallout from the nukes would probably begin to drift into other countries, creating huge irradiated areas on both sides of the world. I would suspect that other countries allied with America and the Soviet Union would join in on the action as well. Whether they would use nukes or not, I’m not positive, but there would definitely be some conflicts going on. I suspect that we would eventually fall into World War III but with the edition of nukes, I’m not sure there would be many survivors.

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