This has been a pretty fun week overall, I think I’m going to enjoy this class! I started off by making a whole bunch of social media accounts. I’m not the most social guys so a few of the accounts that I made were on sites completely new to me, I’m probably the only college student in America who hasn’t had an Instagram before. Unfortunately I just found out that my YouTube account got taken down for violating Google’s Terms of Service for some reason. I literally haven’t even changed my profile picture on it yet so I have no clue how that happened, I’m gonna go try to fix that issue after this post.

Next I started the process of making my blog. This was a completely new experience for me and while I consider myself a pretty tech savvy guy I ended up getting lost in the menus quite a lot. I spent waaaaay too much time trying to get a good theme for this thing, only to end up choosing one of the default ones. I’ve still got a ton of work to do on this site before I get it looking like I want it too, but I’m pretty happy with the domain name that I got. I’m still surprised that it hadn’t been taken yet! After I set up my blog I made my first post and jumped straight into the next assignment, the daily create.

This first daily create was a pretty easy one, deceptively so. I honestly spent a few minutes trying to figure out if I was missing something before submitting it (I’m still not sure that I did it right). The daily creates for the rest of the week were a lot more challenging however. Two of them involved poetry (on of the things I suck at the most) and Sunday’s required some form of deep rooted astrological knowledge. Eventually I settled on completing yesterday’s daily create and while my avatar doesn’t look anything like me (not from lack of trying), I think I did a pretty good job.

After completing my Mid-week Summary, I moved onto completely different pastures. I used to want to be a photographer when I was smaller. I’m honestly not sure why that was but I quickly changed my mind. However, for the next few assignments on my to do list I had to delve back into the mind of my younger self and get that photographer feeling back. This video, while a little long, brought up some very good point about photography that I never even thought of and the Tips to Photography page on Canvas really brought it all together for me. After getting back into my photographer mindset, I started on the next assignments.

I very quickly finished the Photoblitz challenge but I feel like I put my newly learned photography tips to good use (I’m still not sure about that rule of thirds thing though). I’m actually using one of the pictures I took during the challenge as my new header photo for this website! After finishing that challenge I quickly put my masterful Photoshop skills and completely random bust of Superman (Pictured below. Also, don’t ask. I’m not even sure where it came from) to good use and finished up the Storytelling with Photos assignment. Then, I started this blog post!

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