“The Cuban Missile Crisis is the term used in the west to describe the events of October 1962, described by Robert Kennedy as the world brought to the beginning of nuclear destruction and the end of mankind. On 27 October that year, Robert McNamara said ‘as I left the White House and walked through the garden to my car to return to the Pentagon on that beautiful fall evening, I feared I might never live to see another Saturday night’. It was indeed the most deadly moment in all human history. Yet debate remains about the cost of nuclear war and what lessons might be learned from the events of 1962 in understanding the role of nuclear weapons in the aftermath of their devastation. This book attempts to discuss these topics and more, including the exact effects radiation had on the U.S.”

In order to make a book cover about what would happen if the Cuban Missile Crisis turned into a full out war, I first looked up general book cover about the Cuban Missile Crisis. I found the book below in some of the first search results, it was perfect.

I wanted to change more on the cover of the book, but I kind of suck at Photoshop. First I used the brush tool to paint over some parts of the title.

Next, I inserted a text box into the title and added the word “Resulting” where “Threat of” was previously. It took me quite a while to get a font that I thought fit, but changing the color was as easy as using the color picker tool and clicking some of the words already on the cover.

Next a wanted to find a good piece of art to put at the bottom of the cover. My first though was of the propaganda posters in the Fallout video games. I ended up not being to find a full poster that worked for what I wanted but managed to find some text to steal from one of them.

I used the quick selection tool to select the text saying “ATOMIC WAR!” and transferred it over to my cover. There, I placed it in the bottom corner of the book. I just now realized that it covers up part of the author’s name, but I honestly have no clue how to fix that.

Finally, I messed around with the sizing and space of everything, and ended up with my finished product. In order to make my summary, I used parts of the summary from the actually base book itself. I simply changed around a few lines to make it seem like nuclear war had already happened and added a few of my own at the end.

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