I’ve gotta say, I’m not a big fan of having work due on a Thursday. Even though there was only one major assignment due, the earlier due date really made me feel the pressure like I haven’t before during this class. To start the week I completed three Daily Creates. I completed the Postcard to a Future YouMakin’ Amazin’ Mazes, and the Give Somebody a Gold Medal assignments.


Next, I started work on my final project. This project took me a pretty long time to do. It took me forever to even get the idea of what story I wanted to tell and I suck at video and audio editing so those added a lot of time to my final total. Eventually I got it done and wrote my blog post about it… and that was it! My last assignment had been completed!

I’ve really enjoyed this class throughout my time in it. A lot of the stuff we did in this class were things I’ve always wanted to at least attempt to do. Audio editing has been one of those things for a while now and I’m very glad I was able to learn more about it through my time here. I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that everyone in this class is connected, though that does mean that other people can take a look at our work if they want (I’m talking to you dad!). I do feel like some of the assignments were a little more open ended than I would of liked, but other than that I have no complaints. Thank you to everyone who commented on any of my blog posts and thank you to Professor Polack for helping me get into audio and video editing a little bit more. Have a great rest of the summer everyone!

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