A young woman is on her way home from work in the great city of Metropolis. It’s just beginning to get dark, but before she can make it back to her cozy little apartment she spots something in the sky. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s Superman!

Superman flying away #ds106

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As he flies into the distance she is left to wonder, where is he going? What heroic acts will Superman do next? As we join our hero on his flight between the skyscrapers we see him gently tap down onto the balcony of an apartment, enter through the sliding glass door and… watch some Twilight Zone? I guess not everyone can be a hero all the time.

Superman watching the Twilight Zone #ds106

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These posts were both pretty fun to do. I decided to complete the Can You See What I See and The Life of a Superhero visual assignments. I thought it would be funny to see this great figure flying through the sky, only to have him veg out in front of the TV like everyone else. Superman can probably relate to some episodes of the Twilight Zone considering that he is an alien! The first part of the assignment was easy, I found a random picture of Superman and a random picture of an eye, layered them onto each other, then lowered Superman’s opacity. The second part was just a little bit more difficult, but luckily I happened to have a bust of Superman lying around (don’t ask). I ended up having to sit on a table in the middle of the room in order to get both Superman and the TV in the shot. After that, I simply had to come up with a story to connect the two photos!

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