Here is my example of a post nuclear war White House for the Alternative History Image assignment. I began with this photo:

First I separated the White House from the background in Photoshop. I used the sponge tool’s feature to bring out the shadows of an object to give it that gloomy look. Next, I make a transparent brown rectangle over all of the grass. I used an eraser to erase the rectangle over the fountain and the path. After that I used a gradient on the sky to give it a post-apocalyptic hue. I’m not happy with how the sky came out, but I’m not sure how to make it look any different. Finally I merged all the layers back together and got the finished product.

One thought on “Post-Apocalyptic White House”

  1. I think this is a really great photo!

    I know the relation of the photo and your other assignments but I wish you would have expanded on this post as to the story behind the photo.

    I know you mentioned you weren’t happy with how the sky turned out but I think it’s perfect considering the scenario!

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