For my next 3 stars out of the 12 needed in my video assignments, I completed the Lowlights task. I once again used the game Warframe for this assignment as I’ve really been getting into it a lot recently. In my previous assignment I used OBS Studio, but the video came out a little bit choppy and rough. In an attempt to fix this I switched over to NVIDIA Shadowplay and I think it worked out pretty well!

As I was playing through the game I came across a boss mission that was giving me a ton of trouble, it was perfect for this assignment! To complete the mission you have to destroy the Jordas Golem, a huge ship that has come to life due to an alien virus. The only way to damage the golem is to shoot it’s engines while dodging missiles and other enemies the whole time. I don’t know why, but I did pitiful damage. If I even hit the engines I would only do around 15-20 damage a hit. After looking up the golem on the wiki I found that it has 20,000 health! I didn’t even get the golem down by 10% before dying 4 times and failing the mission!

One thought on “Lowlights”

  1. This game definitely looks fun and the footage you captured is really high-quality. I might’ve liked to see a bit more of the game, perhaps a montage of various missions, but that’s just me. It was good thinking recording yourself trying to complete a mission you were having a particularly hard time with, and like I said, even based on this one boss, this game does look pretty fun and interesting (a ship brought to life by an alien virus?! COOL!!). Good job with this video, and best of luck with completing the mission.

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