Howdy everyone! The first few days of class have been pretty fun, if not confusing. I’m still not sure that I set everything up properly. First things first, I created my InstagramSoundcloudTwitter,and YouTube accounts. Other than YouTube and Facebook I don’t use much social media so it took me a little bit of time to make sure they were actually working.

Next I went through the process of setting up this blog and oh boy did that take a while. There is still a ton of work I need to do in order to make this blog look the way I want (I’m all about those aesthetics) but at least I’m finally able to make some posts. I then joined slack and finished my first Daily Create prompt, using a (definitely not) random photo of a lamp I found online:

Next I introduced everyone to my Instagram account and posted a few pictures of myself (I don’t take selfies, they are for the weak) and jumped straight into this post!


Question of the Week: What is your favorite type of story?

If you have to know one thing about me, it’s that I love to read. I’ll read pretty much anything (as long as its fiction) and I’m a big fan of most genres. If I had to choose one genre of books I’d probably choose science fiction. I love seeing what authors can come up with regarding future technology. Some decide to take the fantastical route, adding teleporters and laser rifles into their stories, while others take the more somber route involving the destruction of nature and the dark side of robots. Books such as Epic, focusing on both the fantastical and the serious side of future video games, and the ever-popular Marvel and DC Comics are all time favorites of mine.

If we aren’t talking about books, my favorite genre would probably be fantasy. Movies such as Lord of the Rings and video games like Kingoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Dark Souls, and Hollow Knight are definitely up their in some of my favorite stories of all time.

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