For my next 3 stars for my video assignments I completed the HIGHLIGHTS VIDEOGAME assignment. For this assignment I once again played Warframe, I really can’t get enough of that game. I once again used NVIDIA Shadowplay for recording, as it worked pretty well in my last assignment.

While Warframe doesn’t have many large, obvious highlights available, I’m pretty proud of what I managed to accomplish in this video. I was playing a defense mission. In defense missions you have to defend a central point against waves and waves of enemies. As the waves go on, the enemies get tougher and tougher. Every five waves you have the option to leave the mission or stay for more loot. I grouped up with a few people and we managed to complete the first few waves with almost no hits landing on the defense point! While I’ve completed this mission before, I think this was probably the best I’ve done!


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