I wasn’t sure if the DesignBlitz had a time limit or not, but I gave myself one anyway. In 15 minutes I tried to find as many examples of the 8 basic principles of debate as I could and managed to find 5.

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Rick Riordan’s books show off the principle of repetition. The spines of the books are all layed out the same way, making it easy for people to find the title and author of the books.

The Narnia book shows off the principle of hierarchy. While the full title of the book is The Chronicles of Narnia, the import part of the title is all in the word Narnia, hence it being in all caps and bold.

My picture of Darth Vader is a perfect example of color. The image of Darth Vader is actually made up of different shots from all three of the Star Wars sequels. Each shot was chosen for its specific overall color in order to make the image of Darth Vader appear.

Finally, the cover of my Hollow Knight (one of the best games of all time) vinyl shows both the principles of contrast and symmetry. The head, eyes, and horns of both the Knight (on the left) and the void spirit (on the right) are in perfect symmetry with each other. In addition to this, both sides of the album are directly in contrast with each other. Wherever their is black on the left, there is white on the right and vise-versa.

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  1. I think these are all really good examples of various principles of design, especially your Void Knight vinyl cover. I would suggest not taking using the spines of books twice in a row (the three Percy Jackson books to demonstrate repetition, followed by the Chronicles of Narnia book to demonstrate hierarchy), just to avoid the risk of redundancy, and instead try taking a picture of the front cover of a book to show one of the principles of design. Still, like I said, you did a good job finding designs that show off the various principles that went into creating them.

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