For my final project in my ds106 class I decided to tell the story of Warframe. Specifically, I told the story of where the Tenno came from and how the world we see in the game came to be. I decided to make my project a Prezi as I am familiar with the platform and I can add other forms of media to it.

To start I decided to do a bit more research on the lore in Warframe. I eventually stumbled across a forum post that had the majority of the history explained and used it for the information throughout my project. The first thing I did once I got into my Prezi was to add some background music. I chose one of my favorite pieces from the Warframe soundtrack, This is What You Are. I used Audacity to lower the bass and add a little more echo in order to give it a more “spacey” feeling.

Next I searched the interned to find pictures for the background of my Prezi. I found a few that I really liked, but none of them were the proper shape for the presentation.

I used Photoshop to edit the brightness of each photo, dimming it a bit to better fit my theme. Then I used the stamp tool to cut down the picture to a circle that I could fit over the frames in my Prezi.

After setting up all my backgrounds, I went ahead and told the story using text on each of the frames I added. In order to vary the presentation a bit, I decided to use some YouTube videos. To start I found a fan-made trailer for the game that won a contest by the game’s developers. Next, I used Nvidia Shadowplay to record a video of my Tenno in his Operator form in order to explain the character better. I edited the video in Microsoft Movie Maker in order to make it a showcase of the Operator’s abilities.

Finally I put in my previously made video for the What Can They Do video assignment. This was a video specifically made to show off the warframes so I felt like it would be perfect for that part of my story.

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